Evolution, the Theories and The Facts

Evolution, the Theories and The Facts

By Silvio Famularo

  • Release Date : 2011-07-30
  • Genre : Science & Nature
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Score: 2.5
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Evolution, the Theories and The Facts While most people seem to believe the theories of evolution, the fact is that the majority of people have never really checked them out for themselves. They just believe what they have been told to believe. This booklet proves that all the theories are nothing but far-fetched fantasies.


  • I fancied a laugh...

    By niamh1971
    And was not disappointed. Seriously, though, what annoys me most is this book appears in the Science and Nature section of iBooks rather than the comedy section or classed under the Fantasy category.
  • Mr

    By Firbolg2
    Terrible book, not based on any scientific facts, rather just creationist opinion. Do not read it or suggest it to others.
  • A disgrace

    By RanaElKashlan
    I deleted this book almost 15 minutes after acquiring it, by reading the first few pages you can deduce which direction the book is going. I have no idea how this book ended in the Science section, and I am surprised that this book was published to begin with! This is basically a book convincing you to "believe" in the most mediocre way possible. News flash Mr. Famularo, attacking others will never get anyone to even bother comprehending whatever message you are carrying. And how you attempted to argue evolution theories is frankly embarrassing more than anything. Stick to your bible dear.
  • Amusing but misguided

    By Butch Wilkins hair
    No half wing, half fin? No penguins then!
  • J Smith

    By Nonesuch Also
    One of the most appalling things I have ever read. Every use of science has been traduced in his own use of the word theory which is completely at odds with the etymology and use of the word. Ignore this ignorant person please.
  • A book written like a SMS rant

    By Mat Cooper
    Reading this paper, I am amazed at the lack of any common sense, judgement and basic knowledge about the subject of evolution that the author presents. Almost every single point that is made within can be demonstrated rubbish at best with your kids around the house. The sheer lack of research and understanding on display here is incredible. I enjoy having my informed views challenged and I particularly enjoy broadening my horizons. Sadly this paper provides not even an itch of genuine debate or thought provoking comments. As such I'm left just feeling a bit sad that the masses can access such gutter press writing, which I would have been told to go away and start again had I have tried to pass This off as homework when I was at school.
  • Absurd

    By James54277
    I can't believe anyone in the 21st century can really hold these beliefs and have the mental capacity to type. Clearly the use of the word 'theory' has alienated our poor ignorant author here and I would whole hearted encourage him to test out the equally well evidenced theory of gravity, which no doubt he is just as sceptical about, by jumping from any second floor window. Scientifically, logically and intellectually this book is profoundly flawed. However we can be clear on one point, these views should be aired and challenged in the public domain. We can't let young people grow up in a world where this is taken seriously.
  • This book has no place in a scientific section.

    By Bookabooka
    I find it completely moronic that this author begins his book by dismissing the big bang theory because he does not understand it. He also manages this amazing scientific blunder in less than two sentences. It truly amazes me that he can show such a lack of understanding of science then, claim he can dis spell evolution. If you are considering downloading this book I warn you it begins with the most cliche of pointless arguments "no one has observed evolution". I advise the author to go research before make claims about a subject he quite clearly has no understanding of.
  • Brilliant

    By Omzzzzz
    If you doubt evolution theories thus will help lol And if you believe in god
  • Rubbish

    By Schplaat
    A complete waste of time. Essentially a crackpot collection of refutations of examples of evolutionary theory. Mr Eamulare is entitled to his opinions in this area as much as anyone else. But to end his list of unsubstantiated claims by referring to another book (yes, the bible) that itself lacks more than rudimentary factuality smacks of more than a little hypocrisy. Basically, not worth the paper it isn't even printed on! Hopefully this review saves you the time I wasted on this nonsense.